A New Beginning

RJ’s Travels has taken many forms in the past. It started out in 2011 as “InSearchOfAmerica” and has morphed into other forms a couple of times since then. All of those different iterations have left the posts with a lot of incompatible junk and missing pictures associated with them. I have finally decided to start from scratch to make them the best for a travelogue format. Eventually, all the 1,000 or so posts will be re-invented. I hope to have this complete sometime in 2021. I will be adding posts daily here, so come back often to see the new/reformatted RJsTravels travelogue

 Road Trips, History, Photography, Blogging

Taken at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, Lexington KY

Some of my major passions revolves around road trips, American History, photography, and blogging. They have all come together to form the heart of RJ’sTravels – In Search Of America travelogue.

Do you want to visit unique places you have never been?

Do you want some ideas on where to visit on your next vacation?

Do you want to learn about our country by visiting our past?

This blog will help you with those things.

Over the past 25 years  I have taken many road trips with history in mind. I have actually traveled to all fifty States with my camera in hand.  This blog is all about those places I have visited and  the thousands of pictures I have taken across America.

Drop me a comment if you want more info or just to tell my you like the picture. I would love to hear from you and what you like about this blog.

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